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To BOV or Not to BOV

No, I don't like my BOV. I kinda hate it, honestly.

It's heavier than a DSV. Despite the thoughtful effort at a comfortable design... it's bigger than a DSV, there's just more material... which makes it heavier. That's physics.

It's also physics every time it hits me in the head as I don the unit. With all the extra material a DSV wouldn't hit me with building up speed towards the back of my skull.

The LP feed hose from one side makes the entire arrangement a little stiffer than only corrugated loop hoses. It all tilts a bit to one side no matter how you manipulate the hoses or the t-pieces.

This one is 100% my own fault:

I almost never remember to depressurise that feed hose when I climb out of the unit. I undo the quick disconnect and just climb out. Which means the BOV sits there pressurised for long periods of time. And starts to leak and require an overhaul prematurely. (IE: Seemingly all the damned time.)

I've tried a couple different BOVs and this is the one that I like best anyway. Which still makes it the best of a bad batch to my way of thinking.

No. I don't like it.

But I can't bring myself to get into the water without one.

My entire pre-dive briefing to non-rebreather buddies is, "See this switch on my mouthpiece? C'mere, flip it down like this a few times. See how it works? If you're worried about me or my safety, if I am acting weird or if I am unresponsive, flip that switch."

BOVs can and have saved lives.

I have heard plenty of horror-stories firsthand about hypercapnia and the sheer terror of having to remove a DSV to go to a bailout reg. I am glad that the divers were around to tell such a harrowing tale. I have read plenty of accident reports where a buddy with access to a bailout valve could have saved the day.

I don't like having to wear dive gear to stay underwater for hours either... but I wear it because it is essential.

I feel the same way about my BOV.


White schmutz is courtesy of Cenote Jailhouse and the further environmental catastrophe they are perpetrating by opening the hole even more in a misguided effort to get the water of the offset sink to run clear and become a swimming hole for the Tuluminati.

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