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Getting Your Nosebags On

...because you're on holiday, and diving is hard work.

We get it. Sometimes, you can't be bothered going to the supermarket and making your own holiday meals (although our guesthouses' kitchen facilities and collection of tupperware and coolers make brewing breakfast coffee and cutting lunchtime sandwiches a breeze). And although we're located near some amazing places to eat, can you always be bothered to agree on a restaurant and drive into town? You've come home from a long day of diving, and you just want to hang your gear up, charge your lights, and have a pre-dinner sangria before having a hot, home-cooked meal. At XOC-Ha, we have you covered.

Guests can request breakfasts, packed lunches, and cooked dinners for any portion (or the entire duration) of their visit.  All the meals are plant-based, but don't let that frighten you - we're fully committed to robust, exciting food. We serve you what we eat ourselves, and we're big believers in tasty eats. Mexico produces an unbelievable amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, and we're giddy with excitement about all the new and exotic ingredients that are now so abundantly available to us - and you, too.

CC Pancakes_edited.jpg
Menu constantly changes depending on available ingredients and Nelly's mood
(Or by special request)


Breakfasts: $15/pp

Lunches (boxed or served): $15/pp

Dinners: $20/pp

All meal requests require at least 12 hours prior notice

Eat Hearty, Friends!

Before Nelly went into plant-mode, she couldn't cook to save her life. Rog did all the cooking, and absolutely delicious it was, too. But then Nelly decided to buy a cookbook, to see what vegan eating was all about, and turfed Rog out of the kitchen so she could "experiment". One cookbook turned into dozens, and Rog is still largely exiled from the kitchen (except when Nelly is feeling lazy), and has been relegated to the role of chief taster and guinea-pig. Nelly is always looking for new takers, so sign up for some meals and be lavish with your feedback!

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