Dive Training

At XOC-Ha, we place the utmost importance on welcoming students from all over the world and giving them a thorough, well-balanced, and yet fun educational experience. Diving is a tremendously fun activity that can positively transform one's life, but like all aquatic endeavors, it is not without its risks; overhead diving obviously entails even more. At XOC-Ha, it is our mission to train independent, safety-minded divers who can not only be ambassadors for the sport, but also stewards for Earth's most precious resource: its water.


What Training Is Available?

XOC-Ha is primarily an overhead and technical diving facility. Rog is a TDI, IANTD, and NSS-CDS instructor up to trimix and full cave as well as a Megalodon CCR Instructor. However, courses at all levels are available starting with open water or even, if you can make a persuasive case, Discover Scuba.

Cavern Diver 

The cavern diver course may be taken as a stand-alone course for those who simply wish to tour caverns in a safe and efficient manner or by those who eventually wish to be certified as cave divers. It all starts with improving a diver's buoyancy, trim, propulsion techniques, line-work, and gear configuration awareness.

Basic Cave Diver
Here, students will learn to make cave dives, albeit within strict parameters. Students will further refine their linework, communication, and emergency skills without the distractions of complex navigation and decompression obligations.  Candidates will also be limited to no more than one-sixth of a set of doubles.

Full Cave Diver
Arguably the benchmark in technical dive training, the full cave course demands extreme skills refinement and peak levels of control and awareness. Advanced navigation, gas management, and dive planning will be discussed in detail. And the bubble gun will become your best friend. Candidates passing this course will be prepared to explore one of the most unforgiving (but most beautiful) environments in the world.

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Some say that nothing is more important in life than fame, fortune, and the number of "likes" you get on Facebook. We beg to differ. The best thing in life is making better divers, meeting new friends, and having fun in the process (although Facebook "likes" certainly don't hurt!).

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**NOTE**  All training requiring water skills is limited to 3 divers max.

Training is available through TDI/SDI, IANTD, and NSS/CDS.  Click the links below to explore the differences or, you know... just ask.