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Dive Coaching

Unless you're exceptionally talented or an active instructor who gets lots of practice demonstrating the full gamut of skills to students, you're probably much stronger at some skills than others. This is where dive coaching can prove invaluable. Perhaps you just haven't done a certain skill for a long time, and feel somewhat rusty. (Cave divers deploying an SMB, anyone?!) Maybe you always struggled with a certain skill in class, such as running a primary reel, and managed to pass the course, but always felt a bit iffy about it.  Or maybe you have identified a certain skill set or equipment issue that you want to address - propulsion techniques, for example, or even tweaking your sidemount harness. Whatever it is, we can help you.

So, What's a Dive Coach?

A fairy godfather in a wetsuit.  No, not really, but close. Imagine a personal trainer (without the muscle shirt and tight shorts) for certified divers of all levels who want to dive better in some way (or many ways).   We can give you a day or even days of bespoke training, centered solely on you, to address the skills/equipment configuration you've identified. This can take place in the environment of your choice, according to your certification level: open water (fresh or salt water), or the caves. No judgement, no stress - just dedicated mentorship, planned according to your schedule.

You won't finish a dive coaching session with an official C-card, but you will come out of it feeling more confident in your skills. And who knows - with your new-found confidence in your abilities, you might feel sufficiently comfortable to take that next class you've been thinking about. We can help you there, too!


Dive coaching - putting the "bespoke" in "Bespoke Diving Services".

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