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Roger is the only instructor here, so regardless of any class you decide to take, you will be working with him directly.

Some career highlights include:

- Diving for over 20 years; an instructor for over 15 years with credentials through NAUI, PADI, IANTD, SDI/TDI, & NSS-CDS
.  (Currently whittled down to only SDI/TDI & NSS-CDS).

- Full-time dive professional for over 10 years.


- Something in the range of ~5000 lifetime dives, over 1000 of these in caves.

- Worked with hundreds of students at every level from Open Water through Trimix and CCR, ocean and cave, using both backmount and sidemount.


- Extensive experience diving the caves of both Florida and Mexico.

- Extensive experience wreck diving around the wrecks of New York/New Jersey as well as around Florida.


- Extensive experience with several different rebreathers.

- Experience working recreational and technical liveaboard dive boats.

- 3 years working day-boats as an instructor and guide in Hawaii.

- 6 years working as first Assistant Dive Safety Officer, then DSO at the New York Aquarium.

- Hundreds of CPR/First Aid certifications issued.

- Little patience with dive politics, drama, or dogma.

For some insight into Roger's training philosophies, diving values, and thoughts about life, the universe, and everything you can check our blog out HERE

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