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CCR Try-Dives

Have you ever been CCR-curious? Maybe you've always wanted to try a CCR, but never had the time to attend a try-dive session at your local quarry (two hours drive away). Or maybe you were washing your hair that day, and just couldn't get away. Whatever. When you visit us at XOC-Ha, you have an ISC Megalodon rebreather instructor on your very doorstep, who is only too happy to talk and demo rebreathers to you.  All in all, your whole try-dive experience will probably occupy half a day. 

What Can I Expect?

The try-CCR experience is a mix of academics and in-water time. Your experience will begin in XOC-Ha's classroom with a high-level overview of rebreathers in general: what constitutes a rebreather, how they work, and the advantages (and yes, disadvantages) of their use.


After your classroom session, it's time to head to the dive shed to "meet" and review the CCR unit itself. We have three different "types" of Megladon CCRs for you to choose from:

  • The APECS 2.7

  • The Megalodon 15

  • The Pathfinder

The first two units listed have identical physical components except for the "head" containing the electronics. The Pathfinder is a much smaller and more compact unit, and although it has its own correspondingly smaller "head", it utilises the same electronics as the Meg 15.  


After you have seen/handled the units and asked all the questions you need, it's time to get into the truck and drive to a shallow, wide-open cenote for some in-water time. And don't worry about wallowing in the silt at the bottom of the cenote. We've all been there (cough). 


A CCR optimises your gas supply and provides an optimum breathing gas for any depth by maintaining a constant partial pressure of oxygen. It’s like having a nitrox blending machine on your back. 

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