All guide/class pricing includes: transportation between XOC-Ha & dive sites, cenote entrance fee, packed lunch, weights, and appropriate tanks of air or nitrox (but seriously, why are you diving air?  That is totally inappropriate.  Let's figure out how to roll in a nitrox class).  Pricing is per day regardless of one or two dives.

Inline with our diving services being "bespoke" most everything is à la carte,

however we do have a few simple packages.


Click the Ten of Cups for information on travel packages

Guided Cavern Dives: $180/person

Guided Cave Dives: $230/person

Reef Dives: $175/person (+boat fee)

Dive Coaching: $220/person

CPR/First Aid/O2 Admin Classes $120/person 

Instruction: $280/person

Tech Ocean Dives: $225/person (+boat fee)

CCR Try Dives: $220/person


By "other services", we refer primarily to gear repair or even overhauls. XOC-Ha has a full workshop with the facilities to fix most common gear failures. If anything goes wrong with your gear during your stay with us, chances are very good that Roger can fix it. He is trained in the repair of a broad scope of gear including nearly every brand of regulator.

Repair prices will vary according to the problem at hand. Worst comes to worst, we don't have parts to fix whatever's broken, we got rentals to tide you over. 


We are both very glad we have never had to resort to implementation of this.  With a little luck we never will.  But it does need to be said.

If we determine that any diving practices are so out of line from "normal" that you may put yourself or any other divers at risk, we do reserve the right to refuse guiding services and/or gear or tank rental.  What's more, you will have forfeited all payments made to date.

So dive safe!

Equipment (US$)

Tanks: $6/tank

   -- price is regardless of size for air & nitrox

   -- oxygen and trimix available at extra cost

   -- CCR tanks are $12 per set including 2 bailout

       (O2 fills are an additional cost by volume)

       (if bailout is used refills will be charged $6 per tank)

Weights: who are we kidding? You can borrow weights.

Primary light: $15/day

   -- Light Monkey 5-12 LED

Backup lights: $5/day

Stage or primary regulators: $10/day apiece


Fins: $5/day

Wetsuits:  Nope.  Yuck.

DPV: $85/day

   -- Subgravity Reference or Suex XJ37

Sorb: $280/keg  -OR-  $9/lb