Where To Find Us

By Taxi

Let your driver know you are going to kilometer 262.5 on Carretera Federal 307
(Kilometro doscientos seisenta y dos media en carretera federal trecientos y siete)
From the highway you will see the Santa Teresita sign and can direct the driver the rest of the way from this document  The security gate gents will help
Right is derecha; left is izquier



From Cancun airport go south on Highway 307 though Playa del Carmen and just past Puerto Aventuras.

A little past PA watch for the Catalonia Royal Tulum on the left (big, red wall with big, white letters). 

Almost immediately afterwards you will see a Pemex gas station on the right.  Glance at your odometer.

In two kilometres start slowing and watch for the next large RETORNO sign on the right.

The right hand turn into Santa Teresita is directly under that sign.  Seriously RIGHT UNDER, so slow down more.

By day you will see a red radio tower on the right.  At night you will see the reflective letters RST on the base  of the retorno signpost.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 9.16.11 AM.png




After you have turned of the highway you'll pass between two stone pillars that say "Santa Teresita" and come to a gated guard booth.

Tell the guard you are a guest at Lot 41 ("Lote cuarenta y uno").

NOTE: The guard will ask you to leave an ID in exchange for a parking pass on the first day.  You WILL get your ID back when you get a XOC-Ha pass.

Past the booth the "main" road veers left, then turns right at the first intersection onto Las Palmas.  You'll go through one intersection (Chachalaca) and make a left at the second (Iguana).

XOC-Ha is the second on the left, a high maroon-topped wall and a maroon, metal gate.  The number 41 is on the wall. 

Ring the bell to the left of the gate under the number and we'll be out to welcome you shortly.