The Boring Stuff...But We've Got to Say It

We don't usually sweat the small stuff here at XOC-Ha, but as Walter Sobchack says, "This isn't 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules". Well, OK, XOC-Ha is not a bowling alley, but there still are a few policies and guidelines we want guests to abide by - for their comfort and safety, as well as ours.


  • A 50% non-refundable deposit at time of booking.

  • Balance is due one month prior to your trip

  • Any additional fees (meals, rentals, etc.) will be settled before check out

  • Cash, CC, PayPal, and Venmo are accepted as payment.



  • Guests coming in and out of XOC-Hamust display their guest pass when leaving and entering Rancho Santa Teresita. 

    • This negates the need to leave ID with the guard.

  • Guests must lock the gate when leaving/returning from/to XOC-Ha.

    • All guests will be issued with a set of keys to the compound and their guest house upon arrival.  Guest passes and keys must be returned upon departure.

    • Any lost keys will be subjected to a US$50 fee.

  • Guests must provide at least 12 hours notice when requesting individual meals.

  • Guests are welcome to utilize the swimming pool and recreational palapa. Please use designated beach towels for pool swims. 

    • The only time the palapa will be off-limits is when a class is underway.​

  • Guests are welcome to leave valuables (e.g., passports) in the safe in the main house.

  • Long-term guests (e.g., those staying over a week) may request laundry service. 

    • Items will be returned washed, dried, and folded for a price of US$1.50/pound. 

  • Do not damage any furniture, pictures or wall hangings in your guest house.

  • No smoking in your guesthouse.

    • Smokers are welcome to partake in outdoor areas.

  • Do not cause any disturbance to other XOC-Ha guests or Rancho Santa Teresita residents, such as noise nuisance or night visitors. 

    • Anyway, why are you up late? Don't you have to dive tomorrow?!

  • Do not flush any toilet paper or other objects, such as tampons or condoms, down the toilet. 

    • Like many places in Mexico, our plumbing system is not equipped for it. Don't worry. Your rubbish bin liners will be changed daily.

  • For the sake of the environment, do not make excessive use of shared utilities such as gas or electricity. 

    • We appreciate your turning off the air conditioner when you are not in your guest house. 

    • Fans may be left running for the sake of air circulation.​

  • It's the jungle, there are bugs.  That's why we like the geckos.​​

    • If you find a bug or two in your house there is bug spray under the sink for you to use.  If you find more than one or two let us know immediately.  But you likely won't see many at all... that is thanks to the geckos that you almost certainly WILL see in the house.  Please leave the geckos alone, they're not trying to bother you.

That's it. Not too painful, eh?