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Diving With Us - Mexico Style

What's So Different About Mexican Caves?

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to the largest network of flooded subterranean cave systems.  These caves generally have several characteristics in common: relatively warm, gin-clear water; shallow depths; no discernible flow; and prolific decorations.  The relatively thick undergarments and large-volume steel tanks – essential for contending with the cooler water, greater depths, and flow common to the caves of North Florida – are unnecessary in Mexico.  In some ways, the sport of cave diving in Mexico is almost a different sport compared to the diving practiced elsewhere in North America, and this is one reason why hiring a local guide can be extremely useful.  Of course, a local guide is also invaluable for showing customers where to find various cenotes; securing site access; and locating the main lines, which may not always be easily discover-able to first-time site visitors.  

To Hire A Guide, Or Not To Hire?

If guests are of a more independent mind and do not want the services of a guide, we’re still happy to give you the benefit of our local knowledge. We’ll give you information about entrance costs and site access, and advice on finding the main guidelines. During previous vacations to Mexico, we used to visit dive sites that we knew well on our own, and retain a guide for just a few days to show us “new-to-us” sites.  We would add those sites to our repertoire and dive them on future visits; this system provided an excellent balance between learning the “easy way” and “the hard way”.  It might work for you, too!


We are happy to dive to any level desired, using any configuration: cavern dives, intro dives in backmount or sidemount; complex full cave navigation; multiple stage dives with dive propulsion vehicles; or trimix CCR dives.  With input from you, our guest, we’ll select dives based on your training and experience, and sites that feature whatever you especially want to see.


**NOTE**  Guiding is typically limited to 3 divers.  If we have been diving together before and the entire group is up to it MAYBE a fourth can be added if you plead your case convincingly enough.  But honestly: even if one of them is a guide, who wants to dive a team of 5 divers?

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