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Cavern Diving

Portals to the Mayan Underworld

The limestone sponge that essentially comprises the Yucatan Peninsula is dotted with sparkling blue pools. These pools, known as cenotes, are the result of acidic water collapsing the limestone bedrock and uniting the top body of water with groundwater. They are the gateways to the freshwater subterranean rivers that criss-cross the region, which made the Mayan civilization possible.


The magnificent caverns that eventually give way to these underground rivers are accessible to open water divers, who can marvel at the spectacular light-show resulting from the sun beaming down into the water and bouncing off the magnificent decorations that characterize these remarkable places. 

A Typical Cavern Dive-Day
  • 8 AM: Wake up, eat breakfast, prep gear, pack snacks and a lunch (or get vittles from Nelly!) with lots of liquids on the side.

  • 9 AM: leave XOC-Ha. There are spectacular cavern dives less than 10 minutes drive from XOC-Ha, but depending on location, customers will usually arrive at the dive site within 30 minutes.  

  • 9:45 AM: Site briefing at the water's edge. Discuss entry and exit procedures; view cave map to familiarize divers with the planned route.

  • 10:30 AM: Cavern dive, which may last 45 minutes or thereabouts. Cavern divers may make 1-2 cavern dives a day.

  • 12 PM: Lunch

  • 1 PM: Dive 2, if applicable.

  • 3 PM: Load truck, leave cenote

  • 3:30 PM: Arrive at XOC-Ha. Gear breakdown.

  • 4 PM - onwards : Leisure time at the pool, the beach, or a nearby town with a liquid refreshment.

_DSC0534 (1).JPG

Guests are always well within the sight of daylight, and never more than a proscribed distance from open water. An in-water guideline is followed at all times, and guests will carry two small lights apiece. To safely execute these dives, we require that open water certified guests have excellent buoyancy control, good trim, and recent dive experience (within the last six months).

Click HERE for CREER guidlelines on safe cavern guiding in the Riviera Maya
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