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Contact Us

There are lots of ways to contact us. You can send a carrier pigeon to the physical address listed below; shoot us a private message via the XOC-Ha Facebook page; or email us directly at the following:

Roger Williams (dive training, guiding):

Nelly Mikhaiel (bookings, food, and everything not dive-related):

Of course, you can also contact us using the groovy little email function on this page. Just fill in the blanks and hit "Send". 



Lot 41, Calle Iguana (Sur)

Colonia Rancho Santa Teresita

Carretera Federal (CF) 307, Kilómetro (km) 263

(West / Jungle side)

Solidaridad, Quintana Roo 77734


WhatsApp (R): +52 (984) 215-2181

WhatsApp (N): +52 (985)114-3509

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