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Cave Diving

We Love It So Much, We Moved Here

It's hard to describe these magnificent temples of the underworld, partly because they're so highly variable and partly because their stunning beauty defies words. Some are dazzling white, with rooms big enough to fly a 747 jet, and so lavishly decorated as to defy belief. We think its akin to giving Jackson Pollack a lifetime supply of hallucinogenic drugs and whipped cream, and asking him to create a Byzantine cathedral. Some caves are no less large and lavishly decorated, but with formations stained black with tannins - the result of leaching swamp water from the jungle. Other caves are tiny and maze-like; again, some are coloured and full of formations that require the utmost delicacy to traverse, whereas others are more Swiss cheese-like. Whatever your preference, we guarantee there's something for you.   

A Typical Cave Dive-Day

You will wake up, eat breakfast, prep gear, and leave XOC-Ha around 9 AM. We have a lot of easily-accessible caves less than 10 minutes drive from XOC-Ha, but depending on location, customers will usually arrive at the dive site within 30 minutes.

Upon arrival at the cenote, guests will go down to see the water with the guide, who will give a thorough site briefing. Entry and exit points/procedures will be stressed, and the guide will also use a printed and/or poorly-drawn whiteboard map to illustrate the route. 


We will make up to two 60-120 minute cave dives a day, or one >120 CCR, stage, or deco dive.


Depending on your wishes, packed lunches may be eaten after the first dive, or we can go into town and expose you to the greatest burritos, tacos, and tamales in town. Then it's back to XOC-Ha for gear breakdown and time at the pool, the beach, or in town with a liquid refreshment.

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We'll visit caves that are geared to your taste. If you like big, going power cave that's easily accessible, we've got you covered. If you like small and squirrel-y, and like to hike out into the jungle, we can do that, too. And any combination in between.  If it is your first time to the area we'll create a sort of "cave sampler pack" to give you an idea of what there is to choose from.

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