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The Critters

Most of our collective of animals here in Mexico journeyed all the way with us from New York, but it was inevitable that we should add to the collection upon our arrival...  

Our friendly canine, Mistress Tally Applebottom, is a sweet soul who joined the family when Nelly foolishly tried to volunteer as a dog walker at a Brooklyn animal shelter.  The Applebottom was the second dog she walked on her first day, and despite her heartworm, alopecia, intestinal worms, and objectionable odor, Roger was eventually completely won over (by the dog, of course).  


Myfanwy is our affectionate tortoiseshell kitty who has generally put her days as a vacant-lot kitty in Harlem behind her, except at mealtimes. Since she's both elderly and diabetic, she is not supposed to leave the house, although she does make a break for it sometimes.


Sadly, our surly orange tabby, E[vil] L[ittle] F[*ck], left us in early April 2019 after a mercifully short illness.  He is memoralised by the very beautiful but unexpectedly thorny (just like him!) orange bougainvillea you will see planted in front of our house. In autumn that year, though, we encountered an creamsicle kitten stealing chicken sandwiches from divers' trucks at a nearby cenote, and took him home. Sir Screamybastard Marvin Caligula Eatstoomuch Gingerballs II may often by found by the dive shed, supervising truck loadings and unloadings. 

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