About The Family

The Critters

Our friendly canine, Mistress Tally Applebottom, is a sweet soul who joined the family when Nelly foolishly tried to volunteer as a dog walker at a Brooklyn animal shelter.  The Applebottom was the second dog she walked on her first day, and despite her heartworm, alopecia, intestinal worms, and objectionable odor, Roger was eventually completely won over (by the dog, of course).  

We found Sir Marvin Caligula ScreamyPants Eatstoomuch Gingerballs IV stealing chicken sandwiches from divers' trucks at a nearby cenote, and took him home. We didn't want our elderly  tortoiseshell kitty, Myfanwy, to share her precious house-space with another cat, so we agreed that he should be an outdoor palapa cat. When Tropical Storm Cristobal hit us, Marvin jumped over our garden wall and screamed to be allowed in, and somehow, he just never left the house.


In Loving Memory...

Sadly, our surly orange tabby, E[vil] L[ittle] F[*ck], left us in early April 2019 after a mercifully short illness.  He is memoralised by the very beautiful but unexpectedly thorny (just like him!) orange bougainvillea you will see planted in front of our house. 


Myfanwy passed away in October 2020, right after Hurricane Gamma. She lies near the carport, under four plants that Nelly started in her memory: aloe vera, pineapple, and self-propagated bougainvilleas and frangipanis.