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Divers tend to be rich. Tech divers especially.

No, no, no. Of course you, reading this, don't have apocalypse bunkers in several scenic countries and a different color palate in your winter yacht and your summer yacht. But be honest... compared to most of your friends from high school, you're doing OK, aren't you? To say nothing against measuring onesself against the global poverty line.

Probably in management by now, aren't you? Maybe even a C-level executive or two out there in cyberland who is still concerning themselves with the goings on of people at the mortal level here on Facebook.

Because that's it, ain't it? There's OUR level and THEIRS. We all know the reason that people are diseengaged with the rat race is because there is no longer any illusion being maintained that the rat race gives a shit about us. There's no working for a company for 50 years and retiring with a gold watch.

That watch, by the way, wasn't a punchline once upon a time... you'd revere the gold watch retirees who demonstrated that kind of commitment to their company and their career. It got turned into a punchline by the Flower Children who thought their parents' generation was stuffy and square.

That's the punchline. Those Flower Children grew up. Now they own everything. They set all the rules. They've been the one steering corporate culture for decades. And they're bitching that later generations don't work hard enough.

Don't be that guy. If you're in charge somewhere and your workforce is disengaged it's not their fault. It's not avocado toast or video games. It's not "kids these days..."

It's you.

You've created a work environment that fucking sucks. If you want your workforce to give a shit... change it.

Or you're stuck in the middle, receiving directives from the .001% who are telling you to squeeze the living soul out of your direct reports... fight them.

Flip side:

If you fucking hate your job... which you probably do. Because even managers and C-level executives can be trapped by this bullshit. Hell... you folks tend to think you're in too deep...

You're not.

"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."

-- Hunter S. Thompson

I hated the rat race once. I did the quiet-quit or resenteeism thing for a couple of years. Then I realized that was a waste of a life and I quit. And I moved to an island to teach scuba diving. Now I live in a palace in Mexico and teach people how to cave dive. It's fucking awesome.

I'm a lucky son of a bitch, though. I'm amazed every day that jumping out of that bullshit actually worked out for me. So I can't promise that blowtorching your bridges back to the rat race are a sure thing. That's what worked for me; which is not to say it's the right solution for everyone either. We'd be screwed if every office worker on the planet upped-stakes and became a dive instructor overnight.

But if you think that if you work harder the company will care about you one day... you're wrong. Remember the adage, "If you died tomorrow your job would be listed before your obituary."

And if you resent people who see that more clearly than you do? Well, you can't change the culture, you can only change yourself.

So do better by your employees or move to an island, climb a tree, and learn how to play the flute.

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