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Lightfoot / Heavyfoot

It happens enough that people show up with the wrong fins.

I’m not talking about the fins YOU’RE using, of course: I am certain that you are 100% comfortable doing all manner of kicks in your fins, whatever they are, and can happily float motionless and horizontal in the water column enough that you could take a half-hour nap and not change depth or position one centimeter.

But some people, though…

And then I let them use Nelly’s fins. And suddenly they get really happy about their trim and buoyancy.

Some consider stopping on the way home from the cenote and buying their own. Some would rather not fly home with multiple pairs of fins so they ask if they can keep using Nelly’s.

Since Nelly is nice, she says yes… and then has no fins.

So we got a rental pair.

White was a deliberate decision. Shows up on post-dive, video debrief really well. Hard to hide fin sins when the fins are damned near reflective.

Also be damned easy to keep track of students. As opposed to my all-black gear which is so chosen that I can vanish into the shadows of the cave, ready to spring out and make your mistakes worse.

And, finally… would you rather have to hunt down a dropped black fin or a dropped white fin at the bottom of a pond? Yeah. Me too.

So this is them having not been in the water yet. They’ll never look prettier than right now.

(Well, as of when the picture was taken. As of this posting they’ve had their first day of use. And have already taken the first kick of their thousand mile swim towards being a tatty grey.)

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