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Lazy Underground River

The entire impetus behind XOC-Ha has always been what Nelly and I would want in a dive destination.

Between the location (which was luck more than anything), the design, the landscape, the food, the diving itself... it's all based around what we, ourselves, would like. And, as it turns out, we have a ton of wonderful guests who seem to dig the same vibe as we do, considering about 50% of our bookings are repeat guests.

A word on the diving:

I am lazy and spoiled. I like lazy, spoiled diving. From the moment I get in the car until the moment I'm back on the couch, I want things to be comfortable and easy-going.

So, bit by bit, we've collected up things to facilitate that. A folding table for gear or lunch. A folding bench, so you can sit down while climbing into your wet or drysuit, instead of trying to precariously balance on one foot. Some folding chairs to relax in. A pop-up tent for shade on ruthlessly sunny days, or to keep drysuit underwear dry on rainy ones.

One of my next plans is to get a power-unit and a box fan before the doldrums of summer, just so there's a little bit of air movement to lower the dew-point a little and keep the bugs away while dressing.

Sure, loading the truck like this takes a little bit of effort. Which is ironic, that it's hard work to be lazy.

But I'd argue at some length that the work is worth it.

And it seems enough people agree that we stay busy and can, therefore, afford to keep our critters rich in pet treats. Which is all that really matters.

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