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... It Just Keeps Me Hangin On

My day:

7:30 - Deliver breakfast to guests

8:00 - We load into the truck and head to the fill station for tanks

8:30 - Armed with tanks for the day we arrive at the dive shop overlooking the flat Caribbean

9:00 - Boat pushes off the beach

9:15 - We fall in the water for a 180’ dive along the top of the deep wall that cascades down to the bottom of the sea

10:15 - Cleared deco we’re back on the surface

10:30 - Back to shore

11:30 - We’re back to XOC-Ha to debrief and trans-fill tanks


1:00 - Meet back up to analyze and confirm what we expected is, indeed, what we got for tanks for the afternoon

1:15 - Head back to boat

1:30 - Arrive at boat

2:00 - Leave shore

2:15 - Fall back into ocean for 140’ reef dive… well… reef float, really. The current did most of the work.

3:15 - Surface after perfectly executed final dive of a trimix class

4:00 - Back to XOC-Ha to review final exam

5:30 - Congratulate new Trimix certified divers

6:00 - Slice of pizza

7:00 - Walk dogs

7:55 - Write this post

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