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As with any holiday, its ending is bittersweet.

Bitter: because it was a holiday, a break, a change of scene, a chance to explore and learn and grow and expand one's bank of memories, joys, and experiences.

Sweet: because one gets to return to one's own bed and favorite chair and other such comfortable spaces, back to companions and pets and routines, back to a bathroom you can walk to in the dark, and a well-stocked fridge you can raid in the middle of the night.

This is a conversation I have frequently. Because Nelly and I, obviously, invite people to XOC-Ha for their holidays and do our best to ensure that their time here is fun, comfortable, exciting, enriching, and refreshing to the spirit. (This last is somewhat negotiable depending on whether you're in class or not. You might just get the shit kicked out of you instead. In which case all the others still hold true... but "relaxing" probably ain't gonna be quite the adjective you'd use.)

In the end, we say goodbye to our guests. Hopefully (frequently) we get to say "until next time." But goodbye, nonetheless.

And I fucking hate goodbyes. Always have. Probably because I am so godawful at keeping in touch with the people I should.

I prefer hellos. Even better: welcome backs.

We got our own welcome back this morning, having gotten home just before midnight last night and collapsing. So today is our own welcome back to XOC-Ha. And we've both been enjoying it enormously.

Started with running out for some fresh tortilla for some Just Egg tacos for breakfast. Followed by..................................................


Have been doing nothing all day.

Clipped my hair. Went for a swim. Went out to the garage with some static line I got at a camping shop in the city to replace the tow cords on two of our DPVs which are showing signs of wear; then said "Fuck it, I'll do it tomorrow" and came back to the couch.

It's bloody brilliant.

We (and I include you) are so very lucky to have the opportunity enjoy the sorts of vacations we do, even if we don't get to go as often or as far-flung as we might like. But we're also so very lucky to have such lovely homes to which we can return.

I am not ignorant to the fact that our own home is the sort of place that others vacation. But to us it is, simply: home.

It is good to be home.

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