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Entertain Me! Fuck Up More!

Sometimes challenges as an instructor come from the unlikeliest places.

Student I know. Pretty well. Worked with them before.

I know and have high respect for all the instructors I know who have worked with them on advanced training. Know that all those instructors are some of the best available on the planet.

Which all means I know what to expect out of the student not just in terms of performance ability, but also most probable responses to issues.

And get it.

High, capable skills performance. Clever and controlled solutions to presented problems. Sensible thinking, even under stress, about orders of importance and priority.


... it's boring.

Feel like, "OK, now jump through this hoop. OK, now this one. I'm gonna light this one on fire just to entertain myself... oh... and you're already through. There's... uh... A tiger on the other side of this one. And you have to make it over three schoolbusses!"

Major goddamn calamities are much more entertaining as an instructor. Watching someone tie themselves and their buddy to the cave using their light-cord... that's what we live for. Not to see you actually succeed.

Why are we even here if you're just going to do everything right?

How dull.

I'm bringing a speargun tomorrow. Maybe hire some James Bond villans. Gotta mix things up somehow.

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