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Daddy Mac Will Make You...

There’s only one wrong answer about how to mark a jump represented here.

I don’t care about which of the rest you use. Different instructors are going to teach it differently. Different divers or teams are going to to make their jumps different ways. Some are going to use cookies. Or arrows. Or REMs. Some are going to decide to tie into system arrows. Some are going to think of system arrows as irrelevant to their personal navigation. Some are going to change their thinking about it over time. And then change back. And then change to something completely different. I - and I want to be very, very clear about this - don’t care. Do you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, where your exit is? Are you taking care to avoid fucking with other dive teams? Are you not contradicting system arrows with an arrow? Good. Then I don’t care. I teach it a certain way and insist on compliance during class. I have my reasons and explain them as clearly as I can. Most people seem to dig it. But after class is over, if there is some other way (that sticks to the absolutes in the above paragraph) then go for it. Intuitive to you to ensure the safe exit of you and your team is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more important that “doing it my way.” Today there was this excellent moment where my recently Full Cave certified student got to see a jump completed during another excellent instructor’s Full Cave class. He paused… and looked… and obviously didn’t understand why it looked so different than what we’ve spent days and days talking about. He looked up at me all, “What the fuck is with this?” I responded, “BMORGLE!” Which is loosely translated, from underwaterspeak, to, “We’ll talk about it on the surface.” By the time we got to the surface, the instructor and student from the other team were there as well. So not only did we all get to talk about how different divers will do things differently. Not only did we get to talk about how different instructors will teach things differently. We got to talk about the strengths of weaknesses of different systems. And both my student and the other instructor’s got to listen in on this conversation about, “How do you do it and why?” At which point we both got to talk to our people about how this is a conversation you have in the parking lot before you submerge. It was fucking awesome. I love living here… being a part of a community which is so diverse, but so devoted to refining their vocation. And I love that, of the “answers” illustrated here… no one (I know of) knowingly does the only demonstrably wrong one that fucking kills people. There are only 5 rules to cave diving goddamn it; follow them!

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