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ISC Pathfinder for Sale
Price includes training, consumables, and all accommodation at XOC-Ha
Any other pictures available on request

ISC Pathfinder #73

Plus training and accommodation


Great rebreather in great condition for a great price.

Complete bundle of a "new" eCCR plus training during a Mexican vacation at XOC-Ha Divers Bed and Breakfast.  The Pathfinder is a perfect rebreather for smaller-build divers or for traveling or tropical rebreather divers.  Alternately, this is a fantastic package for divers wanting to get into CCR and need a vacation, but have had to seriously belt-tighten in these strange and interesting times.

Rebreather itself is in perfect working order with only minor cosmetic scuffs from its lifetime of cave diving.

Rebreather includes:

     - Canister

     - Radial scrubber

     - Head

     - APECS IV full-color handset (controller/monitor, no ISC Decoman software)

     - Single LED HUD

     - Loop with DSV

     - Counterlungs

     - ISC shadow mounts (with two sets of tank-side mounts)

Does not include:
      - Cells (buyer will have to provide new cells)

     - Tanks (2L steel tanks will be available for use during class, but not to go home with you)
     - Harness/Wing (Bring your own harness and we'll get it configured for use)
     - Odds and ends like bailout regs or whatnot available for rental if needed


Package also includes:

     - 7 Nights stay in Casa Roja at XOC-Ha (upgrade to Casa Blanca for $100)**

     - 6 Days training (Air Diluent, Air Diluent Deco, or CCR cross-over depending on previous training/experience)

     - Sorb, Oxygen, and Diluent fills

     - Breakfast and Lunch during training days (extra meals including dinners can be arranged at additional cost by request)

Package does not include:

     - Air and ground transport to and from XOC-Ha

     - That's about it

     ** Additional guests can be added on for $10/night + cost of any meals and/or guiding services

For information on accommodations you can click on the links above or go HERE.
Obviously if you have any other questions you can email either ROGER or NELLY.

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