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How Far to the Dive Site?


The map below shows just a very few of the local dive sites.  There are a dozen world-class dives within 20 minutes of XOC-Ha, over 100 inside of an hour, and countless thousands (the vast majority of which are yet undiscovered) throughout the Yucatan!

Obviously if you're being guided you don't need to worry about directions, but if you want to explore on your own, this is not the map you will be relying on.  We can always give you detailed directions and/or GPS coordinates to wherever you might want to explore for these or many, many other sites!

Whether you would like to pull up to a parking lot 20 feet from the water's edge, or tramp through an hour's worth of jungle... either way we can easily bring you to someplace beautiful beyond compare and still have you back by the poolside before sundown.

Cave Map.jpg
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