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If You See Something

At what point do you call out a diver?

There was a popular phrase around NYC (around, I assume, most major cities) just after 9/11:

"If you see something, say something."

Nelly and I once saw something. Some rando left a backpack on a subway. We were getting off at the next stop anyway, but immediately went to a call-box to report the abandoned bag.

"You lost your bag?" came the crackly voice from the other end of the connection.

"No, someone left a bag."

"Where did you leave your bag?"

"I have my bag. Someone else left a bag. It's on the 6 train. We just got off at 68th a few minutes ago."

"OK. I'm going to transfer you to lost and found. They will be able to help you get your bag back."

We left the station and went about our day without waiting for the connection. Clearly seeing something and saying something was not working out according to plan.

So when you see something as a diver... what do you say?

What does it take to draw a response out of you?

Spare mask in the wrong pocket?

Un-isolatable doubles?

Computer left at the 20 foot stop because "the computer needs deco?"

Getting back on the boat without knowing where the hell the rest of their team is?

When is the last time you drew a diver aside? And why?

Yes. I know. Frequently the outcome is dispiriting.

But try anyway. If, for no other reason, to remind folks that people are watching.

(Pro-tip: asking someone to step aside to discuss things you may see as an issue is way more effective than calling people out loudly in front of their friends. There. That's yours for free.)

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