Photography Services

Immortalise Your Memories

How can you possibly describe the caves to your family and friends back home? If you're anything like us, you'll throw out a few feeble phrases, but "crazy beautiful" and "awesome" are woefully inadequate, and are likely to elicit little more than a bemused expression from your listener at best. How do you convey to non-divers the sensation of floating through these life-giving windows into geologic time, and getting the occasional glimpse of the glories of mesoamerican  culture?

Luckily, pictures speak a thousand words. Good pictures speak even more than that. Fortunately, we can help you out there. The immensely talented and creative SJ Alice Bennett, whose work you can glimpse here, will create a collection of images for you that will make your memories of the Mexican caves as vivid as if you dived them yesterday. We can arrange to have her accompany us on a guided XOC-Ha dive, or we can put you in touch with her directly, if you prefer to do your own thing: the choice is yours.

It's true that cave pictures garner a lot of oohs and ahhs from your friends on social media (and even your enemies!), but there's a broader principle at work, too. A lot of folks have no idea what's under their very feet, but pictures can change all that. Maybe if non cave-divers see glimpses of this amazing underworld, they'll be driven to love it and protect the water pulsing through it. If that happens, the caves we love will stay pristine, guaranteeing you a lifetime of your favourite activity. If you want to be a great ambassador for our subterranean waterworld, show some folks a cave photo - preferably a photo taken by SJ during your time with us.

Do you want shots of cave landscapes? Or do you want it to be all about you, with the cave simply providing a stunning backdrop for your awesomeness? Then again, why choose?